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About Us.

In the movement towards a collaborative economy, job sharing transforms “I” into “we” leading to new forms of creativity and more equity in the labour market.

We Jobshare.

Job sharing seems a great work opportunity ! You are aware of it but you can't make it real because it's rather challenging to find a partner which suits you.

Our upcoming match-making tools for job sharers will empower those who are looking to pursue a career while spending time with their family or their hobbies.

With our new platform We Jobshare, you will be able to find YOUR potential partner and realize YOUR jobsharing. And…on this same platform we give YOU advices on how to find an employer and make it work.

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Until then have a look at our information website www.go-for-jobsharing.ch where you will find several practical information on jobsharing and the recruitment process.

Our Vision.

In Switzerland, 59% of working women and 14% of men work part-time. This discrepancy between the two is among the highest in the world. Globally, one-third of the working population holds a part-time position. Switzerland is in 2nd position just after the Netherlands (FSO, 2014).

The more highly qualified working mothers are, the more likely they are to work parttime. Almost 50,000 university-educated women are no longer active professionally, and most of these women are mothers.

Part-time positions have a number of disadvantages: restricted access to management positions, limited coverage at the work place, under-utilization of skills, jobs without the possibility of advancement, loss of performance and inequality between women and men.

Job sharing optimizes part-time work; it is an innovative model and a third option in the labour market!

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