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Job sharing

The term “Job sharing” means two or more employees sharing a full-time position with interdependent tasks and joint responsibility.

Top sharing

The term “Top sharing” refers to job sharing in positions with a high level of responsibility (cat. 4 et 5), including but not limited to the management of collaborators.

Why Job Sharing?

Part-time positions have a number of disadvantages:

  • restricted access to management positions,
  • limited coverage at the work place,
  • under-utilization of skills,
  • jobs without the possibility of advancement,
  • loss of performance and
  • inequality between women and men

Job sharing optimizes part-time work; it is an innovative model and a third option in the labour market!

Job sharing is suitable for

Dynamic women and men who want to hold a stimulating job while also maintaining other activities.
Young professionals who are eager to integrate into the company by means of an intergenerational exchange.
Older individuals who wish to remain active professionally while working fewer hours, and who are willing to pass on their know-how.


Discover the possibilities offered by job sharing in these powerful video testimonials.


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