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In today’s work place, employees are becoming increasingly interested in reducing their work percentage. Various reasons for this can be: change of career path, a child, desire to devote more time to their passions, such as music or sports, obtain a certificate or diploma and / or work in parallel in other professional position(s) or activities (i.e. slash careers).

Employees are often not comfortable speaking with their employer about their true desires. It can be intimidating as they can worry to affirm their ultimate desire to work part-time could in fact hinder their careers. Therefore, it is in employers’ interest to communicate an openness to flexible work conditions / models and thus allow employees to feel confident in expressing their desire and willingness to work differently, and with a more flexible schedule.

Our cloud platform offers companies a specialised forum that connects employees to find the right job sharing partner. By offering this platform, the company is able to fulfil employees’ need to reduce working time, all while keeping only 1 full-time position (held by 2 people). Access to this recruiting space dually allows employers to find external partners and publish their company job offers.


  • Cloud customisation & company branding
  • Profile customisation & filter element modules
  • Data encrypted and hosted on Swiss servers.
  • Privacy Policies that comply with GDPR rules.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Customized page on the company’s wejobshare.ch platform to demonstrate its commitment to the job-sharing model.

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