We Jobshare Job Ads

In general, the best way for a company to prove its underlining commitment to job sharing and flexible work models is to continue to employ more job sharers. To effectively do this, job offers can be posted on We Jobshare and you will then receive applications from interested job sharing partners. It is also possible to post recruitment advertisements for part-time employees, when we believe the position is of mutual interest to our members.

Employment publications for job sharing is included in our cloud solution as well as in our branded solution. It is also possible to post advertisements on an ad hoc basis (as needed) without even subscribing to one of these offers.

Your job offers are then widely shared with our member base as well as our social media networks, increasing recruitment visibility.

How it works

  1. The company registers and submits its job ad on wejobshare.ch (by filling a form or by uploading a PDF or JPG file)
  2. The ad is published (with or without the name of the company) one month on wejobshare.ch and on partner websites. It is also sent to corresponding profiles as well as on We Jobshare social networking profiles.


  • Enable proactive advertising practices increasing number of job sharing duos within companies.
  • Create a forward thinking and open-minded image of company to new work models and diversity.

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